Jan Bowen has been described by the Australian Financial Review as the “high priestess of the move to demystify the law”. Jan is Managing Director of Plain English Communications, a Sydney-based company she founded twenty years ago; she is a passionate advocate of the need to communicate in language that readers will understand, want to read and can relate to. She works with the legal profession, major financial institutions, insurance companies, technology companies, transport consultants and a car park operator as well as federal and state government offices.

Jan is also a best-selling author. Of her 30 books, some 15 communicate legal topics to the general community in plain language. Other publications encompass medicine, travel and personality interviews. For its three year lifetime Jan Bowen was the ‘You and the Law’ presenter on the Channel 10 lifestyle program Til Ten, and was also a weekly commentator on Radio 2GB. She has recorded business and the law segments for inflight audio tapes.

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In a parallel life, Jan Bowen is closely connected to the music world and for the last five years has been Chair of Sydney Youth Orchestras.

Jan Bowen’s ability is to make dry-as-dust topics completely readable
Daily Telegraph

Jan Bowen, high-priestess of the move to demystify the law
Australian Financial Review

I am staggered at how Jan Bowen is able to simplify inherently complex matters… Exceptional read
Courier Mail book review, Your Business and the Law